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Bulk Loads are a convenient choice for barn owners who have the space to accommodate this product. Usually this product will consist of a mix of large, and medium shavings and it is offered in a fresh cut manner. We can accommodate 100 yard loads through Florida, and smaller (20 yard) loads in the Miami, Broward, Palm Beach area.

Large Flake Shavings are the staple bedding for top competition barns throughout the country and abroad. This product can be offered in a 12 cu. ft bag and an 8cu. ft bag.

While not a popular product in the Southern States, Wheat and Rye straw is the most popular bedding product in the Northeast United States. We can service racetracks, stores, and individual farms with a high quality dust free product. 

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Medium Flake Shavings are dust free and much easier to pick through than the Large Flake shavings. Barn owners who are interested in keeping a clean barn and want to watch their consumption will love this product. These shavings are bagged in either a 11cu. ft bag or an 8 cu. ft bag.

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Fine Flake shavings can provide a comfortable bedding and are also dust free. These are the easiest shavings to pick through. Minimal Waste. These are bagged in a 5.5 cu. ft bag.


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